Brilliant Reception for The Lotus Group Granada Loudspeaker
at both RMAF 2009 and CES 2010 - System outfitted with PranaWire cables

" of the finest systems I've ever heard, and not JUST at a show."
   Greg Weaver, Issue 47

"I could have sat and listened to this system for hours."
   Robert Harley, 'The Absolute Sound', Page 12 Issue 199, January 2010

"...the sound was the best I have ever heard in a demo room."
   Roger Gordon Issue 47

"What it was doing that so many other speakers werenít was sounding flat, uncolored, and utterly coherent."
   Jonathan Valin, January 12, 2010

"You had to be there with me to witness an absolutely amazing set of speakers... SINGING WITH LUCIANO PAVORITI'S thrilling glory."
    Jim Merod - Positive Feedback

Press Comments:

"Simply put, the PranaWires are without question the most musically expressive cables I've ever had in my own system. Their sonic achievement represents a degree of performance I would not have though obtainable through the installation of "mere" cables. "
   Greg Weaver, Issue 25

Linebacker Comments:

"Pure Joy"

"Dulce Pontes always is excellent to assess system quality. Her voice can be piercing and crack the enamel right off your teeth if anything is wrong. With the Linebacker in place, her Momentos album was pure joy...In our tests through various setups with their inherent noise-generating capabilities plus external noise sources, each time the Linebacker was included, calmness and quiet entered the scene and unrest and indecision left the building." Marja & Henk, 6Moons Audio September 2012

"I just wanted to say again that I am really enjoying the LineBacker. Whatever magic JuJu you've got stuffed into that thing is working very well - congratulations!"

   Steve McCormack

"Greatest system improvement from any single item that I have ever heard in my many, many years in this hobby. My descriptor is, "Recording Realism Recoverer." An extraordinary amount of details unmasked. Clarity, clarity . . ."

   Herb C.



"...the tightest sound of the show."

The Pranawire/deHavilland/Nola room always sounds among the very best. The tricks Kara Chaffee and Joe Cohen pull off time and again belie the adage that rooms at shows cannot work properly and consistently each time. Well, some exhibitors can. Here, the Nola loudspeakers were set up at an angle, the imaginary line between both speakers not parallel to the front wall nor the back wall. Try this at home and observe the result. Playing "Navigatore" via the Russian GM70-powered amplifiers from a Sony CD player produced the tightest sound of the show. No ringing whatsoever - a hit to a drum had a definite beginning and end. The sound possessed no inherent sweetness but as with a good champagne, it can never be too dry. Nuances and articulation were presented with a sense of natural innocence.

   Dr. Marja Vanderloo & Henk "Longbeard" Boot of
   on the PranaWire, deHavillandroom at T.H.E. Expo Las Vegas 2005

"...consummate delivery..."

"we're not merely talking good sound which many rooms got right -- proper grammar, proper enunciation, even Movable Feast Hemingway-style profundity of message -- but also the consummate delivery of a master reader/orator whose special emphasis on certain words, certain pauses weaves the spell and uncovers new meaning, hidden connections, greater context."

   Srajan Ebaen of
   on the PranaWire, deHavillandroom at CES2004 -
   one of his three favorite rooms at CES2004

   "...presence, fullness and the unassailable power of communi-cativeness."

"Important attributes that accompanied my top three rooms? A sense of billowing flow that subtracted even the faintest trace of electronic texture; presence, fullness and the unassailable power of communi-cativeness. The easiest way to check for these qualities? A sense of suspension while you're listening. It's as though the totality of your being was addressed. This obliterates distractions, thoughts, watchfulness, internal commentary and the accompanying distance of the critical observer. Then when the music stops, listen inside. Is there a living feeling inside your body, a lingering aroma just like upon waking from a truly sweet dream? Did this system trigger not just isolated parts in you but rather, engulf more of you and this to a greater, more complete and fulfilling extent?"

   Srajan Ebaen of
   on the PranaWire, deHavillandroom at CES2004 -
   describing qualities common to his three favorite rooms at CES2004

"...anyone who claims that cables don't make a difference clearly occupies a different moon than this listener."

"Joe Cohen's Prana Wire unquestionably added to the good sonics in this room. Having heard it myself pre/post Prana insertion, anyone who claims that cables don't make a difference clearly occupies a different moon than this listener. On the subject of cable costs, Cohen was quick to introduce me to his newest cable series below the Cosmos and Nataraj called Deva claimed to benefit in a serious way from late-development trickle-down effects."

   Srajan Ebaen of
   on the Cabasse. Art Audio Room
   at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2004

"Best Sound of Show", VSAC2003

"...this room triggered me in the same fashion each time I hunkered down. ...the music here caused me to have literal out-of-body experiences."

   Srajan Ebaen of
   on the PranaWire, deHavilland, Rethm room at VSAC2003

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"...the essential quality of raw silk was palpable, with a free-floating diaphanous soundstage and excellent low-level ambience retrieval."

   Srajan Ebaen of
   on the PranaWire, deHavilland, Alon room at HE2003

"This genially extended system easily handled everything I threw at it, with exceptional snap, crackle and pop, remaining clear, coherent and dynamic even when pushed to higher volume levels, to effortlessly portray a warm, capacious soundstage in this crappy little hotel room."

   Chip Stern on
   on the PranaWire, deHavilland, Alon room at HE2003


"...a strong recommendation to those looking for the best of the best."

"Want a lifelike sense of palpability? Want depth and width to a soundstage? You got it... I heard a very deep soundfield that extended behind the speakers quite a bit, even beyond the rear wall, which pretty much disappeared, as did the side walls. The Nataraja cables produced the biggest soundstage I have heard in my room. The sound simply swelled with little or no perceived limitations to its size. Not to suggest monstrous images, but music was not tethered to the speakers or limited by the wall boundaries. Images were very coherent and palpable, exceeding either of my reference cables."

   Dave Clark, Positive Feedback, Issue 5

"...what I was hearing was as close to a concert hall experience as I have ever come without being in a concert hall. Truly amazing."

PranaWire / Dehavilland Electric Amplifier Co. - Last year I picked the deHavilland room as "Best Sound of Show". I would do the same again this year, except that deHavilland had an unfair advantage. As their source, they had an Ampex 351-2 open reel tape recorder that had been modified by Kara Chaffee, deHavillandís chief designer. The entire playback system consisted of the Ampex feeding a deHavilland Ultraverve preamp, deHavilland GM-70 SET amps, and Alon Lotus Elite Signature speakers all connected with Prana Wire cabling and power cords. Using prerecorded 4 track open reel tapes as the source, the sound was astounding. I was in the room two different times when a Columbia prerecorded tape of Mendelssohnís 1st Piano Concerto (Serkin/Ormandy/Philadelphia) was played. Both times at the end of the final movement the people in the room stood up and applauded, just as if they were in a concert hall. This is not normal CES behavior. In addition, the second time there were ten people in the room. All ten people sat through the entire three movements of the 1st piano concerto without talking or getting up and leaving. To have ten CES attendees sit silently through an entire concerto is mind boggling as most attendees normally dash in and out of the rooms. What is even more amazing to me is that as I tried to analyze the sound that I was hearing I was not coming up with a list of superlatives. The soundstage was large, but not humongous. The resolution was detailed, but not incredibly so. The instruments were delineated in space, but not as well as some other systems that I had heard that day. Despite these short comings, what I was hearing was as close to a concert hall experience as I have ever come without being in a concert hall. Truly amazing.

   Roger Gordon, Positive Feedback, Show Coverage CES2004

"The deHavilland and Prana wire room sounded as musical as all get out! We found this one to be a place to take an extended listen when we had a spare moment. "

   Dave Clark, Positive Feedback, Show Coverage CES2004

"This system...brought me as much musical joy as anything in the show...This was definitely the Room I Wanted to Spend More Time In."

George Kielcyznski of the deHavilland Electric Amplifier Company was exhibiting a very compelling system centered around the deHavilland GM-70 monoblock, a 50-watt amplifier that uses the GM-70 tube, a Soviet version of the 845. (The 845 happens to be my favorite tube of all time ... magical things seem to happen when this tube is in the room.) It turns out that amplifier designer Kara Chaffee is also a whiz with tape decks. She brought an Ampex 351-2 back from the dead, and the results are sure worth it. This system, which also featured Prana Wire from Joe Cohen, brought me as much musical joy as anything in the show, as George played reel-to-reel tapes of Simon and Garfunkel: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme. I am intimately familiar with this album, and have never heard it like this. My biggest regret of the show, quite seriously, is that I didnít spend more time in this room, and didnít get back there with Stan Ricker. Next year, folks! This was definitely the Room I Wanted to Spend More Time In.

   Dave Glackin, Positive Feedback, Show Coverage CES2004

"I missed getting a good shot of Joe Cohen of PranaWire, but did find his rather enormous cables prominently featured in the show and getting a good buzz."

   Dave Glackin, Positive Feedback, Issue 9, VSAC2003 Show Report

"...wonderful, natural analog sound."

   Roger Gordon, Positive Feedback, Issue 17 T.H.E. Show, Show Report 2005


"...One of the most moving musical experiences I've ever had..."

   Greg Weaver, Stereo Times, March 2003 Issue, C.E.S. Show report

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"The listening experience was emotionally arresting... and pure joy."

"I've spent over 25 years of producing live jazz concerts and spinning discs in radio studios. Over that time, I've heard music under the worst and best of conditions. Last weekend in San Francisco at Home Entertainment Show 2003, I stumbled into the deHavilland/Pranawire/Alon room and discovered a system that raised the bar for high end audio performance. Regardless of what it was asked to do, the deHavilland Aries connected to the Alon Lotus Signatures by PranaWire Cosmos wire delivered a fabulous presentation of pure music that bordered on holographic. All music got the same great treatment -- it materialized as "live" in the room. This is the end-product of inspired engineers who love music and make their products by hand, one at a time. Like all hand-made goods, this system is not cheap, but for what it delivers it's worth is measured in much more than money. The listening experience was emotionally arresting... and pure joy."

   Jim Luce, Planet Jazz Magazine
   Producer, Caramoor Jazz Festival
   Executive Producer, The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong,
   National Public Radio


"Wiring the deHavilland to the Rethm were Prana Wire. This room had nice wide soundstage and free-floating imaging."

   VSAC 2003 Show Coverage
Enjoy the

"The system survived my Rush 2112 torture test with great dynamics and no congestion even at fairly high volumes."

Alon by Acarian teamed up with deHavilland and Prana Wire to showcase Alon's Lotus Elite Signature ($7,999/pr.). The speaker features all Alnico drivers and an external passive crossover. The system survived my Rush 2112 torture test with great dynamics and no congestion even at fairly high volumes. It also did classical and jazz very well too. The system featured deHavilland's Aries 845-G 30 WPC Single Ended Triode ($6,000/pr.), and Ultraverve preamp ($3,000). Cables were provided by Prana Wire - made up of silver ribbons wrapped with 26 layers of insulation.

   Chris Boylan. on the Home Entertainment 2003 Hi-Fi and Home Theater Event 
   Enjoy the


"A moment of stunned silence is in order. It was magical."

"the sound was relaxed, focused, and utterly natural. "Listen to this," Kara Chaffee, de Havilland's chief engineer said, pulling out a vintage pre-recorded tape of Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra performing Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony. A moment of stunned silence is in order. It was magical."

   T.H.E. Show Las Vegas 2005 By Wes Phillips, Stereophile Magazine

We were also very impressed by the nifty Lotus Elite Signature loudspeakers ($8000/pair) from Alon by Acarian Systems. These dual-woofered floorstanding three-ways made beautiful music in conjunction with a pair of DeHavilland Aries 845-G 30W SET monoblocks and a DeHavilland Super-Verve Octal Tube preamp ($3000), fed by a Sony SCD-777ES SACD player and strung together with Prana wire. Coherent and cohesive, this small (by Alon's standards, at least) speaker delivered the music in spades.

   HE2003 -- Day Three By Wes Phillips, Stereophile Magazine

"...a wonderfully musical and inviting sound..."

deHavilland Electric Amplifier Co. Aries 845-G SET monoblocks ($6000-pair) produced a wonderfully musical and inviting sound from Alon's efficient Lotus Elite Signature speakers ($8000-pair) . Premier cabling was from PranaWire and source was from a Sony SCD777ES.

   HE2003 -- Paul Bolin

I had a great time during the audition, so great of a time I didnít take any notes, so Iím shooting from the hip and strictly from memory. By golly! I forgot that I was supposed to be working and was having fun at an audio show Ė shoot the heretic!!! Anyway, I remember a sound that was clean, pure (even when the music was complex), and balanced. No booming bass, or excessive warmth - just the music.

   Martin DeWulf -- Show Coverage CES2004

Manufacturers, Dealers and Audiophiles comment on PranaWire:

"For the price of one - - PC, you can get four Maha Samadhis. And in many ways, the Maha Samadhi sounds better than the -. The - has a one-size-fits-all sound. It's all about focus and detail. The Maha Samadhi counters with delicate rendering of detail. It seems to remove grain, leaving you with a less tense disposition. And that allows you to listen more deeply into the music. There is less "jitter" to the way the music moves, stops, decays, and flows. It's a slicker, perhaps more sexy sound than that of the -. In many systems, the Maha Samadhi will allow the equipment to come closer to emulating the real thing."

John Lum

"the sound that eminated from my speakers was the most emotionally involving music i had ever heard. i had never heard the fullness of sound that i was hearing come from any system i had ever heard...anywhere!"

   As reviewed by calloway at Audioasylum

"The PranaWire cables really blew my mind."

"The PranaWire cables really blew my mind. I never thought for one second that cables could improve the transmission of the sound as much as they did. Everything got better and the improvement in the bass area was phenomenal. You are now responsible for making me a raving cable lunatic!"

   George Kielczynski, deHavilland Electric Amplifier Co.


"This stuff is scary good!"

"I find the Prana Wire Cables to have a truly seamless presentation top to bottom with delicate, nuanced and delicious high frequencies.

This stuff is scary good!"

   Alan Kafton, Audio Excellence AZ


"I'll give you a quote just as soon as I get over being speechless about what it is I am hearing."

   Gary Kaye, Sonic Signatures/GraafUSA

"...the COSMOS digital cable really stunned me!"

"Of all my high end cable journey, I must admit to you that the COSMOS digital cable really stunned me! I do not know how can you make a cable that has so much resolution and yet it is so involving! The spatial information depicted by the COSMOS is absolutely second to none! I like it so much. The mid-range is 3D, rich with texture. Needless to say, all the microdynamics are there as well.

When will the COSMOS powercord be available? Please count me one. I am a big fan of Pranawire!!!! I just wish I could sell my current cables quickly and exchange them with COSMOS."

  renowned  Hong Kong audio critic



Review by Gary Kaye of GraafUSA

Cables. Too manyÖ How do you choose? To comprehend that these 'so called' accessories can make a difference in a system is far beyond most people's belief system. To embrace the concept that pieces of wire that connect components together can be considered components in themselves, well, this certainly pushes the envelope to obscurity for many.

Regardless of what school of thought you currently accept, accessory or component, you must consider an open-minded approach and take the opportunity to listen, hopefully within your own system, a system that you are familiar with, and from which you can judge the benefits of properly designed audio cables.

For many years now, I have had the fortunate opportunity to experience and enjoy various pieces of equipment from all over the world. Ten years ago while visiting overseas I heard the Graaf GM 200 "OTL" amplifier. Since that time, my outlook on reproduced music has been transformed. This seductive, involving, romantic and powerful amplifier and I have been in love ever since.

Ten years later, I have had the fortunate opportunity to fall in love again. This time with a completely different sort of component, PranaWire cables by Joe Cohen. This extraordinary cable, be it interconnect or speaker cable, will clear your head of any second thoughts you may have that wires are to be considered the stepchild of the system, the accessory, as opposed to a component itself. Joe's cables are painstakingly made. Assembled completely by hand, they require enough man hours to complete that one must think Joe is either absolutely out of his mind or so dedicated that you must admire his efforts, and his efforts indeed pay off.

I have had the opportunity to listen to Joe's cables first in prototype stage, in my own system. At first, I could not seem to conjure up the words to express my emotions, to express what I was truly experiencing. I had spent many years tweaking my system with some of the finest cables available, regardless of cost; I remember it was quite a personal battle for me to let Joe walk away with his products after our listening sessions. They have transported both me and my system to a place in time and space that I have not experienced before.

PranaWire seems to unleash what is lurking in the depths of your system. The effortless musicality, dimensionality, truthfulness and sheer sense of added power is beyond belief, and without equal, regardless of cost! This is a product that will let your system shine, and it does so without the typical trade-offs many have come to accept as standard. I have always felt it a balancing act for designers to accomplish high resolution within their products while keeping the overall integrity, body and soul of the music. Joe appears to have found this magical combination that provides all of the above, plus some. If you are as passionate about your music as I am, you owe it to yourself to audition these masterpieces of innovation. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

   Gary Kaye, Sonic Signatures/GraafUSA




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