Avatar II Speaker Cable

In the Avatar series, all processes are taken to their ultimate possible limits. No expense or labor is spared. The Avatar II speaker cable pictured above is a larger than 2 gauge silver ribbon, super high purity copper hybrid with enhanced anti-vibration and shielding techniques applied. Similarly, the Avatar interconnect adds time consuming, labor intensive techniques and ultimate level custom treated connectors. The Avatar power cable is a 5 gauge silver ribbon, super high purity copper hybrid with highly complex noise cancelling and shielding geometry.


Life-like focus and energy delivery without equal

Retrieving the finest detail

Ultimate authority

""Frankly speaking I was expecting a sort of upgrade on the sound with the Avatar, but it is unbelievable and wrapped up everything. It reminded the speakers that they are speakers. I do not want to express what I would like to say as reviewers are doing. I truly, genuinely thank you." -Hong Kong Owner

Interconnect Cable: 10 Gauge Pure Silver
Speaker Cable: 2 gauge Pure Silver/Copper Hybrid
Power Cable: 5Gauge Pure Silver/Copper Hybrid

Made to order.




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