The Linebacker In-Line Power Filter offers unprecidented reduction of noise. It is utterly transformative.

The Linebacker is a completely passive in-line power filter that works on several major fronts:

1.) It effectively absorbs massive amounts of parasitic and self-generated noise on power cable lines and prevents it from entering into the component it is plugged into
2.) It prevents environmental noise from entering the system through the mains
3.) It's maximally damped structure and cable quell cable, connector and airborne resonances before they enter the system.

This is accomplished by means of:

1.) Satori Power Cable design (7 gauge Silver/OCC copper conductors) whose internal architecture and materials implementation are inherently noise canceling
2.) Custom damped Oyaide F1 IEC Female Connector
3.) Highly damped chassis and IEC Male connector
4.) Massive amounts of carefully chosen noise absorbing materials

The Linebacker will remove noise that you did not even know was there and render an extremely solid and palpably holographic sound stage. Bass is dramatically improved with new found focus. The Linebacker is a truly transformative device!

"Pure Joy"

"Dulce Pontes always is excellent to assess system quality. Her voice can be piercing and crack the enamel right off your teeth if anything is wrong. With the Linebacker in place, her Momentos album was pure joy...In our tests through various setups with their inherent noise-generating capabilities plus external noise sources, each time the Linebacker was included, calmness and quiet entered the scene and unrest and indecision left the building." Marja & Henk, 6Moons Audio September 2012


"It felt like the "realism" knob had been turned up five notches." Bill Demars - Beauty of Sound, on hearing the new PranaWire Vajra SE power cable for the first time.

Offering unimpeded high current delivery and super low noise, creating a rock solid foundation for your system.

Kensho - 7 gauge 99.9997% pure copper/silver hybrid - Oyaide P & C-004 AC & IEC plugs

Satori - 7 gauge 99.9997% pure copper/silver hybrid - Enhanced Oyaide M1 and F1 AC & IEC Plugs, massive vibration control and EMI / RFI control

Vajra SE- 7 gauge 99.9997% pure copper/silver hybrid - Enhanced Oyaide M1 and F1 AC & IEC Plugs, massive vibration control and EMI / RFI control with Linebacker and Super Enhanced Ground Plane* technology incorporated

*The PranaWire Super Enhanced Ground Plane (SEGP) upgrade provides an extended pathway for excess and stray signal (noise) to be shunted away from contact points and established ground (where it may not be fully shunted and absorbed), and for it to be absorbed, immobilized and prevented from feeding back into the system.

The Satori with SEGP "is quieter, has more presence and is cleaner sounding, also the soundstage is deeper and better defined, all in all a very nice improvement."
Steve Kleinn - Sounds of Silence, Nashua, NH




Samadhi: The return of the mind into original silence

There are two offerings in this series:

   The Samadhi - Multiple Solid Core 4 nines Silver 13 Gauge
   The Maha Samadhi - Multiple Solid Core 4 nines Silver 13 Gauge

In a state of deep absorption sounds arise from emptiness and return to emptiness. Each event is unique and new and evokes a sense of wonderment which in turn gives rise to a feeling of joy.

For this to occur as a result of listening to a sound system, all sense of artifice has to disappear. If there is any trace of electronic haze the reverie is broken. Therefore it becomes imperative to address the glare that enters the system through the mains supply. Well designed power supplies can and do remove the bulk of noise inherent in AC lines. What they don't address are the finest frequencies of noise that nevertheless have a profound effect on the signal. We feel that the Samadhi and Maha Samadhi power cables address these issues in a manner that places them at the pinnacle of the state of the art in power cable design.

"Crazy magic "
    Arnold Martinez - Tweak Studio Chicago

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